Friday, May 29, 2009

Cotton On Leopard Print Long Top- SOLD

Cotton On Leopard Print Long Top
Stated size L, can fit up to UK16



Dorothy Perkins Dress/ Skirt- PRICES SLASHED

Dorothy Perkins Black & White Striped Dress/ Skirt
Be creative and use it as a skirt, or even as a dress!
Stated UK14, but it's strechy so it'll fit any other size too :)


Banana Republic Little Black Dress- SOLD

Banana Republic Little Black Dress
Stated size XL, would fit UK12 to UK16 at the very most
Depending on how you want to wear it- loose, laidback or fitting :)


*Negotiable, but do be realistic and not offer me half the price!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Havainas- SOLD

Brand new Navy Blue Havainas
In a size 37/38 (UK Size 6, Vincci size 7/8)
It's a special Channel [V] Edition, and it has little silver [V] logos at the strap, comes complete with tags, box and paperbag :)



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Topshop BareBack Top- SOLD

Topshop Bare-Back top in a UK12
It's loose fit would allow even a UK18 to fit in it :)



Zara Tiered-Dress- SOLD

ZARA Tiered-Dress in a size L
Will be able to fit UK12 to UK16 comortably


*Note: Dress is in good condition, though the stiching on several of the layers have unraveled, but it's nothing a little sewing can't fix. Even if you decide not to sew it back, it looks fine when it's worn (unless someone decides to look rreeeaallllyyy closely then kantoi la haha)

Forever 21 Electric Blue Crop Top- SOLD

Forever 21 Electric Blue Off-Shouldered CropTop
Stated size L, will be able to fit up to UK18


Splatter Dress- SOLD

Slouchy Off Shoulder Paint-Splatter Dress
Will fit UK12 right up to UK20 thanks to the material :)



Forever 21 Electric Blue Dress- SOLD

Forever 21 Electric Blue Dress in a size L
Will fit UK12-UK16 comfortably



Old Navy V-Neck Tee- SOLD

Old Navy V-Neck Tee in a size XL
It's slouchy fit makes it comfortable for everyday use :)
Fits UK14 - UK20


RM20 (with postage)

Wet-Look Leggings- SOLD

Brand new wet-look leggings in a size XXL
Will be able to fit UK14-UK18



Forever 21 Mesh Dress - SOLD

Forever 21 Dusky Pink Mesh Dress in a size L
Would be able to fit UK12 - UK18
Only used it once for a launch at Zouk :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updates, Updates!

Stay tuned for more tops, skirts, and even more dresses!

xx lynfunkstar

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sidekick 3- SOLD

Brand new Sidekick 3 (less than a week old) 
Unlocked, and ready to use on any simcard
The ultra hip phone is NOT available in Malaysia
Got it shipped to me directly from the US

Specs here, here and here


Offer me a price- nothing less then RM500!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dorothy Perkins Blue Mini Dress- SOLD

Dorothy Perkins Chiffon Dress
Stated UK18, though it's likely to be a better fit for a UK16

Bust - 42 inches all around
Waist - 43 inches all around
Hips - Pretty much the same, sans for the flarish skirt
Length - 40 inches